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Local Gynecologist and Vaginal Surgery in Waterbury, Connecticut

Lakeside Women's Health Center in Waterbury, Connecticut, is proud to be your local gynecologist and source for successful vaginal surgery. Whether you are in need of dependable Cervicography or advanced Endometrial Cryo-Ablation, our experts are here for you.

Advanced Procedures
You can greatly reduce the chance of a hysterectomy with 2 new procedures we offer, Balloon Endothermal Ablation and Endometrial Cryo-Ablation. Dr. Hakim is proud to be the first gynecological practice to offer these procedures in the Waterbury area. Contact us today for more information on how these procedures can help you.

Courteous Service
You will receive the attention you deserve when you come to us. Along with our technologically advanced services comes old-fashioned courtesy and a genuine concern for our patients' well-being.

Filling Prescriptions
Drug prescription refills are filled only during office hours when the physician and nurse have access to your medical record. Please have the phone number of the pharmacy of your choice available at the time of your call.

Patient Education
Stay healthy by staying informed. Our comprehensive patient education resources allow you easy access to clinical information about a multitude of diseases. Research your condition and find complete, easy-to-understand descriptions, causes, warning signs and symptoms, treatment options, and prevention techniques with our service.

Contact us in Waterbury, Connecticut, and depend on our local gynecologist for all of your gynecological needs.